Artificial Intelligence will profoundly and irreversibly transform society in the years to come, bringing with it enormous opportunities.

What can you do?

At one extreme, you could go to university for six to eight years and get a PHD in machine learning and artificial intelligence and then find employment with the growing number of organisations that are putting artificial intelligence at the forefront of their business initiatives such as Google, Baidu, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and so on.

At the other extreme, you could sit back and do nothing, and just watch it all happen and unfold and then, look back and think about all the opportunities you missed back when artificial intelligence was just starting out.

The greatest opportunities, however, lie at the intersection between the artificial intelligence technologies presently available and your own imagination.

Dr. Tadas Jucikas - CEO Genus AI

Dr. Tadas Jucikas - CEO Genus AI
"There are only three limitations to building successful AI systems — computing power, availability of data and imagination. More than often the latter is the hardest to realise."
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Why artificial Intelligence needs you

You may have read that the development of artificial intelligence is being held back by a shortage of experts in the field but the truth is that the application of artificial intelligence is being held back by a shortage of individuals with the ability to understand artificial intelligence at a very basic level and to apply it to their own area of expertise.

You no longer need a PHD in Artificial Intelligence or Data Science in order to understand and apply the technology to every day problems, because a growing number of organisations are simplifying the use of the technology and placing it within reach of anyone. All you need is a willingness to learn about what artificial intelligence can do and the ability to apply it to your own area of expertise. You are limited only by your own imagination.

Those living today have a unique place in history to shape the outcome of this new era. This site is dedicated to helping you understand the rapid advances in artificial intelligence and sparking your imagination on ways to apply it to your own area of expertise or passion.

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